Author: Sriram Rajagopalan

How to build the best excellent powerful personal brand

Building a Personal Brand Earlier in the series, we discussed the impetus for creating a personal brand. We also introduced the ARM technique focusing on Attention, Respect, and Monetary value used in the degree to which the name is perceived. However, building a brand is a journey and a destination. Regardless of where one is in their career journey, one has to focus on making a reputation for specific areas of excellence continuously. The key, however, is not just building it but letting others know about it. Mostly, if you don’t put the limelight on yourself appropriately, you will...

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Introducing Personal Branding for excellent Professional Opportunities

Developing a Personal Brand We live in a global world shrunk by technology! In most of the classes that I train professionals, I always emphasize that each one of them carry my “Sri’s brand” on them in their interviews for a job, performance at their career of choice, and interactions at the workplace and networking events. The reason why I emphasize so much about personal branding is the value it brings to the top much before getting selected for a job interview, a career promotion, or a specific opportunity. It is because I believe that what you do speaks...

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