Author: Karl Hallgrimsson

This is the Ultimate Prep Tool for Your Performance Review

It is the first quarter and you are likely involved in a review of your performance for the previous year. In many of the organizations I have been a part of, I have been asked to provide a self-assessment. Early in my career, this was challenging as I had to recall what I had accomplished throughout the previous year. Often, my assessments were very detailed about what occurred late in the year, but sparse in terms of how the year started. The result? I failed to give my manager the necessary direction needed to come up with the best...

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Have You Provided Leadership on a Newsworthy Project?

Part of our mission at Project Management for Today is to inspire Project Managers to change the world through our profession. This not only includes providing the multitude of articles and videos on that provide the means for each of you to execute your projects more efficiently, but it also includes inspirational stories. We want to tell more stories where great outcomes were achieved. Behind every Moon Landing, Cure, or Technological Leap there was a Project Management Professional leading the charge. These individuals may have taken many different titles and roles, including that of a Scrum Master, a...

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Do I Need to Worry About Being Replaced by AI?

If you read or listen to the news you know that there are frequent news stories about job Displacement caused by Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Automation. These stories paint a bleak picture in the not so far off future where humans will have nothing to do in a world full of automation. Here are some examples: Huffington Post – “Robots & AI Will Likely Claim Your Job, Sooner Than You Think” (Link) CNBC – “Self-driving cars could cost America’s professional drivers up to 25,000 jobs a month, Goldman Sachs says” (Link) Brookings – “AI should worry skilled knowledge workers...

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How to Work the Work Out of Your PMO

A PMO’s success cannot be all about on-time, on-budget project execution. Certainly, these things matter, but execution can only be the foundation of a PMO’s success. Just as a house cannot be a house without a foundation, a house cannot be a house if it only has a foundation. The PMO’s success is driven by how it augments successful project execution. At Project Management for Today we talk a lot about Governance, Intake, and Operations. This article deals with Operations. I am passionate about PMO operations as I have spent much of the PMO related parts of my career...

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VIDEO – How to Build Your Fully Functional Portfolio Data Repository in Under an Hour – PART 4

This is Part 4 of a 4-Part On-Demand Video (ODV) series that details how to quickly stage a combined data set (Portfolio Data Repository) from many individual project status reports and display this data in a meaningful visual within Microsoft PowerBI. Part 1: An overview of the course scenario with a detailed overview of the project status report template used in this scenario. Part 2: An overview of the Portfolio Data Repository with a tutorial of how to configure this for auto population for each project. Part 3: An overview of the Microsoft PowerBI visual and how to configure...

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