Author: Justin Scoville

Save Your Next Project With This Unique Planning Approach

All of us have to deal with ambiguity to some extent in our professional lives, but project managers wrestle with it on a daily basis. This is particularly true when an organization is looking to execute a project which will innovate or expand into a new market. As a project manager, you can’t base estimates on empirical or historical methods since they don’t exist. The temptation is there to manage an innovative project with tools and information that we are familiar with, but this will probably lead to failure. One illustration of this danger is described by Clayton Christensen, the...

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How Gandalf is the Ultimate Project Leader

Nerd alert! I am a big Hobbit and Lord of the Rings fan. I’ve probably read those books each year or so since I was a gangly pre-teen. Each time I join Frodo and company on their journey to destroy the One Ring, I notice something unique in JRR Tolkien’s storyline I hadn’t paid attention to before. This past year was no different as I discovered that Gandalf, the powerful wizard who mentors Bilbo and Frodo throughout the series, is a top-notch project manager. Besides his considerable abilities in the world of wizardry, Gandalf also possesses some rare leadership...

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This is What Happens When You Conduct a Change Impact Analysis

In previous articles I’ve shared some guidelines on how to execute a Lean Six Sigma pilot project, as well as how to capture direct cost estimates from Kaizen event activities. The topic of my article here builds on those concepts by focusing on an important tool: the Change Impact Analysis.

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How to Identify Direct Cost Savings

The Template referenced in this article is available in our Online Store for FREE – DOWNLOAD HERE   Did you know that 50% of PMOs close within three years, and 68% of stakeholders perceive their PMOs to be bureaucratic? As project managers, we should look in the mirror. What value are we contributing to our enterprise? And how will we quantify the benefits of maintaining a small army of project managers wielding SOWs, GANTT charts, and risk management matrices?  One straightforward way to justify your PMO’s existence is to identify direct cost savings through process improvement initiatives or via regular...

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How to Crush Your Lean Six Sigma Pilot Project in 8 Easy Steps

  Consider the following scenario. You’ve spent the past few weeks building a coalition of executives and subject matter experts who are willing to actively support your organization’s first forays into the world of Lean Six Sigma (LSS). Senior leadership has given you formal approval to begin work on your proposal to launch an organization-wide LSS initiative. Now that you’ve got the green light, how will you proceed to execution? If you haven’t already, it is best practice at this point to focus your efforts on carrying out a pilot project with a workgroup of no more than 5-6...

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