Author: Hussain Bandukwala

Setting Up A PMO For The First Time? No PM Experience? WOW Them in 100 Days! – PART 1

This is Part 1 of a 2 Part Article Everyone starts from somewhere, so it’s not totally far-fetched to think about someone setting up a Project Management Office (PMO) for the first time. But to do so with NO project management experience? Isn’t that unheard of? Maybe. Is that even possible? YES! I recently spoke at the PMI Lakeshore chapter in Toronto (Canada) on the topic and had to reiterate that while it is uncommon, it’s definitely in the cards. As my friend Russell St. Hilaire says, “You cannot become the PMO Leader by becoming a better Project Manager...

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5 Reasons why Project Management is a no-brainer for your rapidly growing startup

The concept of project management sounds taboo-ish when discussing it in the dynamic spheres of rapidly growing startups. The term has connotations of the anti-startup: the big, heavy, and slow enterprises that require everything to be done rigidly. In reality, whether you’re in the “search”, “build”, or “grow” stage of your startup, or whether you consider yourself a scale-up, your investors, advisors, and biggest fans expect you to exercise project management at your company. Here’s why. #1 – Your company is being judged on its timely execution Hitting funding milestones. Making good on promises to customers. Meeting regulatory mandates. No matter...

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PMO Setup Hurdles (& Solutions) In 60 Minutes

Have you heard of #PMchat? I hadn’t, until someone mentioned it to me lately and was blown away by it. It’s been around for 5 years and brings together an amazing community of project managers and business leaders on Twitter for an hour every Friday to talk about best practices on various project management related topics. In fact, Inc Magazine names it one of the top “15 Twitter Chats for Every Phase of Your Business”! I’m always looking for ways to connect with PMO Leaders and this was a fantastic opportunity to have a chat about setting up PMOs! So I got in touch with #PMchat’s...

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