Author: Don Clarke

Where Will Your Personal Brand Take You?

At PMforTODAY, we have built our company brand on the value of a “Personal Brand”.  Our mission is to provide the infrastructure for our Contributing Authors to share their knowledge and build their personal brands.  It is something that we believe is a key differentiator for a variety of areas of our lives and our careers. Recently (11/17), I had the privilege of being selected as a speaker for the 2017 PMI PMO Symposium.   This was a major step for me in my personal growth and also for my career growth.   Personally, I am passionate about sharing knowledge.  I...

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What Did I Learn At The 2017 PMI PMO Symposium?

This year’s PMI PMO Symposium was a fantastic event to attend again this year.  I have had the privilege of attending this event multiple times, but this year was a little different for me.  I was also being provided the opportunity this year to speak at the event.  This was my first year speaking at the PMI PMO Symposium, and it was a personal goal achieved. This year’s event was focused on two key topics for both the Break Out Sessions, and the Knowledge Hub Sessions. Agile Transformation – This breakout session series was focused on the theme of...

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From Project Management to PMO – Where Do I Start?

During a recent conversation with a senior level executive of a company I was interviewing with, I was asked to review and comment on the initial roadmap for the establishment of a new PMO within the company.  It was a great exchange, and was obvious that there was an investment of time and thought into the roadmap.  During the discussion, we talked through different ideas on when specific PMO functions should be initiated to help build on the success of each function. Based on that conversation, I decided it would be good to write an article on my personal...

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Interviews – Presenting Your Successful Pursuit Of Excellence

I have said many times that interviewing for a new job can be the most negative experience a person can participate in.  If you consider that you interview for many positions, and you only accept one, you usually go through a lot of negative scenarios during the process.  In the feedback you have gotten during your interview cycles, have you ever heard these terms used to describe how people perceived you? Over Confident?  Over Qualified?  Arrogant?  Strong Willed?  Soft Spoken??  Best Interview??  Worst Interview??  Amazing Company Values Fit!  Does not fit our Company Values.  How did you receive that...

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VIDEO – How To Use Project Intake Processes To Manage Your Project Portfolio

Implementing an effective Project Intake Process is a key success factor for expanding the value of your Project Management Office.  Your Project Intake Processes function as the Gate Keeper for your PMO and are the foundation for effectively managing your PMO Project Portfolio. Facilitating the process that allows your organization to define, approve, and implement within the limited resources available is a big step toward expanding the value of your PMO beyond just successful project delivery. This 40 minute session will cover three main topics: Relationship with and Purpose of PMO Governance Committee Value of a Structured Project Intake Process...

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