Author: Chad Higgins

The 8 Deadly Process Wastes in IT

In some of my past articles, I have focused on the 8 Deadly Process Wastes in Services, Lean IT Ticketing Processes, and The Lean IT Trifecta. Today however, I’d like to narrow the discussion from my experience and talk about the 8 Deadly Process Wastes in the Information Technology (IT) sector. I’ve been working in IT for several years now, mostly in the ITIL and Lean Six Sigma capacity. I have seen the waste that exists in IT services and the costly impact that it has on organizations. These wastes exist in your processes and takeaway from the intended...

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Innovation and Improvement Is Bottom-Up Driven, Top-Down Supported

I’m a firm believer that many, if not most innovation and improvement ideas should germinate from the bottom of the hierarchical organization upwards while simultaneously being supported from the top of the organization downward. In other words, HUGE aggregated benefits are gained when an organization enables a culture where everyone contributes to improvement ideas AND where they are acknowledged along with the strategic support of leadership and upper management. Michal Piatkowski, BPM Manager at Apriso, talking on a similar topic states, “It becomes a means of leveraging the experience and skills of every […] employee in the enterprise, ensuring...

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The 8 Deadly Process Wastes in Services

Many of our recent articles have focused on the Project Management Office providing business value and becoming the trusted source of truth. In today’s post, we’re going to look at a different type of value that you can provide to your organization. Let’s be honest… Processes are FULL of waste! Learning to recognize and eliminate process waste can make all the difference in customer success, satisfaction, business profitability, process efficiency, and process simplification. Waste is any activity that does not add value from the perspective of the customer, and in turn, adds time and cost! Service sectors have an exceptionally difficult task of...

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5 Lessons Learned from my Son’s Chaotic Soccer Game

My son, Cayden (age 8), recently started playing soccer this year. He just competed in his first game and while his team didn’t win, they all had a lot of fun and were quite competitive. I cheered the team on and I even experienced a few ‘proud dad’ moments. The interesting thing about this game however, was that I found myself becoming anxious because of the way that the kids were playing the game. It was chaotic. It was like watching a blob of kids all chase the ball around. I even saw kids on the same team steal...

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This is What Happens When Project Managers Show Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another… but who cares! As project managers it’s our job to plan, execute, monitor, and close projects. We are trained, certified, and experienced professionals that drive for outcomes, not live in kumbaya with others! – Wrong! I hope you read the sarcasm because something quite impressive happens when project managers show empathy. I once worked with an experienced project manager on a very large improvement initiative. This project involved over 10 IT departments, numerous requests and change tickets, and ended up saving the company millions of dollars. My...

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