Author: Bill Dow

The Balanced PMO – Moving Beyond The Iron Triangle

From the beginning of time project managers have had three main focus areas in their PMO that have been the staples of how we deliver projects: Scope, Schedule, and Budget. Those three main focus areas are in the DNA of every project manager. When a project manager is assigned a project, they focus on those critical items from the very beginning and throughout the life of the project. Today, those items are still necessary, and key conversation areas we continue to have with our executives. However, that is going to change. Sorry, I mean, that has to change! Long...

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PMO Staffing Models

Many PMO Managers struggle with understanding what resources they need in their organization. Some PMO managers fill their orgs with contractors only, some with all employees, some actually use both. It is most common for PMO managers to use both, basically following what most companies do across the organization. Well, this is a pretty common question I get asked and I often point people to my PMO book “The Tactical Guide for Building a PMO”. But, I am not going to do that today, I am going to pull some of the secrets from the book on PMO Staffing. There are...

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The PMO Assessment / Inventory – The 10 step Process

Over the last fifteen plus years, I have been heavily involved in PMOs in my capacity of building and running them, authoring books, giving presentations, or speaking on the topic. The first thing I do before I start building or running a PMO is to perform a “PMO Inventory.” Remember, this is an inventory, not an Assessment. Assessments tend to be around scoring different components of the PMO, and right now, that is not what I think you should be doing. Your focus should be more on what does the PMO have and not have compared to assigning a...

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Project Management – A Path to Success

I have been in project management for the last 26 years and one of the questions I get asked all the time is “How do I get started in project management?”. That question, I believe, is rooted in a couple different areas and I would like to think that it is around how one becomes a good project manager. Now the term “good” is relative, right? Someone’s good, is someone else’s great while it is another person’s terrible. I don’t want to debate that, I want to focus on what is important and that is the 12 things you...

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