Author: Alyce Reopelle

Agile and Traditional Methodologies – Are They That Different?

In today’s world, there is often a heated discussion that can be found around the water cooler on what methodology is better:  agile; traditional; SDLC; ITIL; hybrids; and the list goes on.  Over the past few years ‘purists’ have sprung up saying that their methodology is the only way to successfully complete a project on time and within budget.  However, I challenge you to consider the possibilities. Consider that no matter the methodology, that there are five core components: You must have a requirement or a need that someone wants filled; You must design how you are going to...

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Process of the Transfusion of Resonating Energy To Your Audience

As an individual that is often asked to be a speaker at conferences, I have come to realize that the energy and passion of the speaker must transfer to the audience.  The audience must at all times feel engaged, and the topic must be of interest to them.  Most importantly, the audience must be able to feel the passion and the energy of the speaker.  Speaking to unknown attendees can often be challenging, so understanding the need of the audience is most important in order to complete a type of transfusion of energy. This specific article will look at...

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Project Team Focus

As a project manager, manager, or even an individual contributor, it is important to understand that there are different types of employees.  Each type of employee requires different things to inspire and motivate them.  Understanding these different types of people can help you understand your project team more.  When you consider the four personality types of enthusiastic beginners, disillusioned learners, reluctant contributors, and peak performers, the focus can impact each type.  Being able to understand where an employee is during their employment is important for a leader so they can understand how to work with that employee.  The enthusiastic...

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Project Management

Alyce Reopelle, C Creativity and Innovation Evaluation As I have learned and experienced, creativity and innovation are important to every organization. Throughout the past twenty years I has seen great innovations coming from the unlikeliest places. With project management, we have learned that no project is ever run the same way as the last one, so being innovative and an entrepreneur in that space is important. With the agile framework becoming more prevalent, innovation and entrepreneurship plays an even larger role. Innovation In today’s global market, innovation is vital to the survival of every organization that plays in that...

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