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Why do so many qualified candidates bomb their interviews? – Guest Post

Guest Article, published with permission from Progile, a Project Management Consulting Firm   As one of the leading Project Management Consulting and Staffing Firms in the US, we always keep our finger on the pulse of industry’s latest jobs and trends. Our goals are to help Project Managers understand what they need to achieve to remain competitive and to inform our clients what they need to look for in their contract-based or in-house project manager. The information below is written to help Technology Project Management Consultants  avoid common interview mistakes and win jobs 1: Avoiding negative first impressions: One of...

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GUEST POST – Characteristics of an Effective Team

Guest Article, published with permission from Noreen Butler   There are many reasons why it is important for leaders to build an effective team and yet quite often, managers do not take the time to focus on this time sensitive effort because of ongoing demands and priorities in the workplace. What defines an effective team? Although there may be various perspectives and definitions, I think of an effective team as a group of individuals that are: Motivated – Teams that are motivated will naturally have more energy and desire to focus on their work performance. They will take pride in...

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GUEST POST – Common Project Manager Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Guest Article, published with permission from Noreen Butler   From years of experience, I know first-hand about many of the common challenges Project Managers face. Quite often, Project Managers may underestimate the importance of taking the time to know what challenges lay ahead or just want to avoid them because there is typically a high demand to get a project done as quickly as possible. It takes time during the planning phase of any given project to create effective project plans, risk strategies, communication plans etc. Depending upon the organizational culture, often times Project Managers by pass critical planning...

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3 Understated Tips For Hiring Effective IT Project Management Consultants – Guest Article

Guest Article, published with permission from Progile Hiring contract IT Project Managers, one who can successfully run critical IT projects like ERP implementations, can be a key decision for Project owners. Transformational project like ERPs can significantly impact a company by altering it’s single or multiple business processes. Not only do they change how employees function internally, but how the company interacts with its customers, vendors, partners, and others. Therefore, it is crucial to have the “right-fit” IT Project Manager, one who is experienced in rolling out those types of projects correctly the first time. When it comes to hiring...

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Q1 Surprise! Best Ever Earnings by ACME After PPM Tool Installed – GUEST POST

Ever seen a headline like this? Me neither! This is because a new PPM tool purchase is unlikely to drive the earnings of any organization in a way that would prompt a headline like this.  Yet many PMO Leaders would have you believe that if only they could get a new PPM tool for their team that headlines like this would suddenly appear in the Wall Street Journal after the newly acquired PPM tool is implemented. They argue that a project methodology will be strictly followed and enforced, task management will be streamlined and automated, and a treasure trove...

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